Meet bubl

The ultimate soundproof workspace designed with integrated technology to elevate focus and well-being.


A first-class feeling

Personal Privacy

Remove distractions and gain instant separation with 30dB noise reduction

Filtered Air Flow

Four quiet fans actively cool your space with clean HEPA-filtered air

Circadian Lighting

Auto-adjusting light temperature and brightness to optimize focus

Adjustable Desk

Control the desk height with a single tap to easily sit or stand

Ergonomic Chair

Stay comfortable, maintain healthy posture, and adjust your seat height

Mindful Technology

Embedded system enhances your productivity and wellness

The only booth with integrated technology

Reserve your space

Ensure you always have a place for important meetings with calendar booking integration.

Join your call

Join your video calls in just a tap. Look and sound great with the 4K camera and studio mics.

Expand your display

Power deep work by expanding your device onto the 27” 4K display with Dolby Audio sound.

Enhance your environment

Transport anywhere with immersive RGB LED lighting, 4K visuals, and spatial soundscapes.

Built for a flexible future



Crafted with intention

Easily moves on wheels

Built-in wheels allow your bubl to be easily moved even when fully assembled.

Built-in Sprinkler Retrofit

Removable sprinkler access panel in the ceiling enables a 30 minute sprinkler installation.

Quick Onsite Assembly

Three adults can assemble a bubl in under 60 minutes with minimal tools, no training necessary.

Made with safe, natural materials

Recycled PET felt and steel walls offer decades of strength with easy recycling at end of use.

Adjustable Leveling Feet

Interior adjustment allows your bubl to be placed with leveled stability in the tightest of corners.

Automatic Door Closer

Carefully pulls the door shut with a tight seal from any position. Door stays open when pushed past 90 degrees.

Compact Packaging

Modular walls ship flat in tight packaging to minimize carbon footprint and enable installation in any building.

Controllable Privacy Glass

Maximize your privacy. Optional feature, available upon request.

Replaceable Carpet

After years of heavy usage velcro carpet enables effortless replacement.

Powered by bubl.OS



Groundbreaking capabilities

Software Updates

Always improving with ongoing enhancements, features, and integrations.

App Integrations

From video calls to music, bubl can integrate all your core apps.

Wellness Features

Sit/Stand reminders, pre-event filtered air, circadian lighting, and much more.

Admin Controls

Our dashboard gives you powerful settings to ensure bubl’s always working for your team. Optimize your office layout with usage insights and data. Remotely manage one or one hundred bubls with real-time monitoring and controls.

"Our bubls are always in use. They have become the top amenity within our coworking spaces."

Ashley Stone

Owner, Work/Life Co.

"bubl helps me focus on our customers and provides a premium video calling experience."

Mike Pruszinske

Services Specialist, Microsoft

"I get my work done faster in bubl than any other space. The second screen is a game changer."

Shreya Shankar

Product Manager, Amazon

Redefining personal workspace



Elevating any space

Multi-use Space

With the addition of mindful technology, bubl goes beyond a quiet space. Whatever you need, bubl can transform to your desired experience. 

Private Office

The perfect workstation with a 27” second screen, power outlets, and height adjustable sit-stand desk.

Conference Room

Reserve your space in advance and join your call in one tap with bubl’s built-in video conferencing system.

Wellness Space

Backed by science, bubl offers wellness experiences with spatial audio, immersive lighting, and visuals.

Recording Studio

Studio quality mic and soundproof walls promote crystal clear audio for calls to professional recordings.

Spatial Computing

Enjoy a distraction-free spatial computing experience with ample space, physical privacy and built-in power.

Personal Enhancement

Bubl has been carefully crafted to place personal well-being at the forefront. Enjoy an experience that energizes the body and mind.

Reduce Stress

Environmental controls will keep you comfortable as spatial audio and lighting soothe your senses.

Correct Posture

Built-in height adjustable desk and ergonomic chair promote healthy posture for everyone.

Increase Privacy

Provide more privacy for everyone in the office keeping outside noise out and inside noise in.

Boost Productivity

A private, soundproof environment removes distractions so you can focus on the task at hand. 

Saving Time and Money

Prefabricated assembly and integrated technology make bubl not only fast to setup but also the most capable solution for private workspace.

Time Saving

Install bubl on-site in under two hours without the hassles of construction, permits, and contractors.

Cost Effective

Construction can cost $12,000 to $20,000. Our pre-fab solution has everything you need at a better price.

Low Maintenance

Built with premium materials, future-proof technology, and modular repairs for decades of strength.

Built for tomorrow.
Available today.